200+ catalogue of wholesale products
Sourcing & procurement
4 - 6 week turnaround on orders
3000+ international client portfolio
200+ catalogue of wholesale products
3000+ international client portfolio


Kim Soo Wholesale was born from a desire to make the rare and beautiful accessible, we exist to enrich the space your customers live in. Often handcrafted and always sourced from across the Indonesian Archipelago, our finely honed catalogue captures the unique craftsmanship of our island home while celebrating people, places and things with soul. With over 200 products spanning ceramics, textiles and everything in between, our collections beautiful intertwine to bring you a broad and considered product range just for you.

At the head of Kim Soo Wholesale is Carmody, daughter to Kim and sister to Giorgia, the founders of the Kim Soo Brand. Carmody has had a rich and diverse career in Business Strategy, working for some of the largest retailers in Australia and has come on board to evolve and grow the Kim Soo Wholesale brand whilst bringing quality and value to you very step of the way.

We’re so excited to welcome you to our world, register to explore our stylish, decorative and wildly spirited wholesale collection today.

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